Which Coach on The Voice Has the Most Siblings?
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The Voice

Which Coach on The Voice Has the Most Siblings?

The way the coaches on The Voice bicker with each other, you can definitely tell they all had siblings growing up. However, Shakira definitely has the most with eight older half-siblings.

Many of our friends on Viggle LIVE! — 46 percent, to be exact — are well aware of Shak’s large, blended family. However, 20 percent believed it’s Blake Shelton who has the most family ties (he has a brother and a sister). Usher and Adam Levine both garnered 17 percent of the guesses.

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Adam actually does come from a big family, with one brother, one half-brother, one step-sister, and one half sister. However, Usher has just one half-brother, music producer James Lackey, aka J. Lack.

Being the youngest of nine — mostly brothers — we’re willing to bet that’s why Shakira’s not so easily bullied by her male counterparts on the coach’ dais tease her. It also helps that she’s so smart and quick with the witty comebacks!

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03.12.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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