The Bachelor

Which Controversial Reality Star Posted This Shady Pic?

During her stint on a popular reality show, this trouble-stirring lady had a few problems with her image. While some of it made us love her — appearing to eat only Cheetos, which she classily poured onto a plate — other antics didn’t come across quite so charming. Like, for example, the time she maybe-on-purpose fell down some stairs in order to put the focus on her instead of another girl. Or, that time she may have faked hypothermia while out with a guy and a group. You know, just little things like that.

But despite all the hating, this little star kept on sparkling. Now she’s in love and taking cute couples pictures with her post-show fiancé — whose face has yet to be revealed to us all in anything other than this shadow. Think you know which shady gal is grabbing our attention with this lovely gradient colored pic of her kissing her boo? Click through to see if you’re right.