Game of Thrones: Which Dead Character Will You Miss Most in Season 4?
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: Which Dead Character Will You Miss Most in Season 4?

Much like the first two seasons of Game of Thrones, Season 3 featured the deaths of several beloved characters. WithSseason 4 in our sights, which of these new absences will we feel the most? Here are our candidates.

Robb Stark. Oh, the King in the North. Without Robb, what hope do we have for a Westeros that isn’t dominated by Lannisters? Things don’t look good for the North with Roose Bolton in charge, but we’re hoping that someone will step up and avenge Robb’s death.

Cat Stark. The matriarch of the Stark clan is no more, and it makes our hearts hurt because she died thinking that almost all of her children were dead. If only there were a way to let her know Bran, Rickon, Sansa, and Arya are all still alive and well. Plus, with her death, Arya’s going to be even more screwed up in Season 4.

Talisa Stark. Talisa was one half of one of the more romantic storylines on the show; star-crossed lovers, a forbidden romance, the future of a Kingdom in her womb. Now she’s gone (in a very gruesome way, we might add), along with any hope for the future of the North.

Jeor Mormont. The old bear was a major father figure to Jon Snow, and we all know he needed one. Without Jeor around, who’s going to make sure Jon doesn’t grow up to be useless? And more importantly, who’s going to lead the Night’s Watch?

Ros. Ros, an invention of the show, became a beloved character, a whore with a brain for business. So we were really sad to see her meet her end at the point of Joffrey’s crossbow. Now who’s going to be the go-between for Varys’ and Littlefinger’s schemes?

Grey Wind. And then there were three. We already saw the death of Lady and the disappearance of Nymeria, so with Grey Wind’s unfortunate demise that leaves only Shaggydog, Summer, and Ghost to represent Team Direwolf. That is, unless Nymeria pops back up.

Who will you miss most in Season 4?

I miss the Starks!

My favorites are all still alive.