Game of Thrones: Which Departed Season 4 Character Will You Miss the Most?
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: Which Departed Season 4 Character Will You Miss the Most?

Game of Thrones Season 4 saw the exits of some of the show’s most loved, and most hated, characters, but which one will you miss having around the most in Season 5? We run down the options.

Oberyn. While he was only on the show for less than a season, Oberyn quickly became a fan-favorite with his devil-may-care attitude and just overall badassery. Oberyn’s gruesome death at the hands of the Mountain was without a doubt the most traumatic event inflicted on viewers’ fragile hearts since the Red Wedding, and not something we’ll easily forget in Season 5.

Ygritte. For anyone holding out hope that feisty Ygritte and Jon Snow were going to get back together, you know nothing. Not only will we miss having Ygritte around because she was so awesome, but without her Jon is likely to go into full-emo mode in Season 5, and that’s not something anyone wants to see.

Shae. Speaking of exes, Tyrion just wanted to protect Shae by sending her away and calling her names, so of course she ended up turning on him and sleeping with his father. While we certainly won’t miss what Shae became, we’ll definitely miss her way with Tyrion, which was both accepting and defiant. Her mentorship to Sansa was also great; it's too bad we'll never see them together again.

Tywin. Tywin may have been represented as a villain, but he was so good at it we didn’t care. He was never evil, he just wanted what was best for his family and his legacy, and he was so smart and calculated that we couldn’t help but have a grudging respect for him. Plus, he was the most fashionable guy in Westeros. Who else could pull off the knee-length quilted leather frock?

Joffrey. This is not a misprint, just hear us out. Joffrey was pure evil, but he was the type of character we loved to hate. Every story needs a good bad guy, and Joffrey was the best. Everyone hated him. He was sadistic, privileged, stupid, arrogant; he was everything you’d want your villain to be, and Jack Gleeson's performance was a joy to watch. With him gone, the show has been searching for a viable replacement, and though there have been plenty pretenders like Ramsay Bolton, Karl Tanner, and the Mountain, they all seem like caricatures compared to Joff. Here’s hoping Season 5 brings with it a worthy replacement to our departed king.

Which character will you miss the most in Season 5?

All my faves survived.

Still not over some of these deaths.