The Bachelor

Which Former Bachelor Showed Off His Rock Hard Abs and Tan? (PHOTO)

Um, we don’t even know where to start other than to cover our boyfriend’s eyes so he doesn’t get jelly that we can’t stop staring at the hunk o’ man before us. For reals, an earthquake could happen right now and we so wouldn’t even notice because look at those abs. And the arms. And, wow. Just, wow. But also the orange glow. It’s mesmerizing... like a sunrise.

This reality star from Texas may look like he could be a fitness model, but he isn’t (what a waste, right?). He’s an insurance broker, which means we’re totally switching agents. We’d buy every policy on the planet — lemur insurance, swamp infestation liability, Godzilla protection, whatever — if he’d just describe every line item for us shirtless.

We first met this guy and his abs of steel when he was competing against 24 other guys for one gal’s affections on ABC’s favorite reality dating show. He didn’t land the lady of his life the first time around, but he got a second chance, this time as the prize 25 women fought for. And what a prize!

He and his blue ribbon winner had a televised wedding in January, and they are occasionally still making public appearances — like their recent guest stint on a baking show where they got to judge cake. Tough gig, huh? Wait, does someone with a body like this even eat cake? Hmmm.

Think you know who it is? Click through to put the face to the abs.