Guess Who?

Which Former Reality Star Is 5 Months Pregnant But Looks Ready to Pop?

Is this first-time mama growing a soccer team in there? She’s only five months pregnant, but her belly looks huge on her petite frame.

We love the lounging lady and have ever since we met her back when she was trying for love on our favorite reality dating show. While we thought her bubbly personality was tops, she lost out on love to a southern belle. No matter, because she went on to star in another season of the show, on which she met her forever mate. The two wed in a televised ceremony, and now she and her construction manager hubby are expecting a baby boy.

The 30-year-old has been showing off lots of preggo pics on Instagram, and since the bun isn’t due until October, we’re hoping for plenty more. The dentist will complete her residency this month, and the growing family will move to Miami as soon as her training’s complete.

The star and her man have been actively tweeting during the current season of the show they met on, with this snapshot popping up during one of the most recent episodes.

Think you know whose bump this is? Click through to see if you nailed it.