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The Bachelorette

Which Gorgeous Reality Star’s Girlfriend Showed Off Her Yoga Booty Al Fresco?

Yoga has done her body good! This blonde model is a tiny little thing, but she has a booty we’ll be envious of forever. Born and raised in Oregon, she made a big splash in college as one of Playboy’s favorite co-eds, showing off her Beaver pride on the glossy pages of the nudie mag.

These days, she lives in San Diego with a former Bachelorette winner, posting tons of shots of herself with the most attractive guy ever to kiss a rose. When she’s not living the love life we dream of, or posing on her head or out of her clothes, she gets paid to hang with gamers at conventions across the country.

Do you know which gorgeous gal this is? Click through to see if you’re right!

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