Which Bachelorette Guy’s Rumored Girlfriend Posed Topless?!
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The Bachelorette

Which Bachelorette Guy’s Rumored Girlfriend Posed Topless?!

In case you hadn't heard the spoilerific news, there is a traitor among us. Turns out some of Desiree Hartsock's lover boys aren't quite as well-intentioned as they might seem, and Brian Jarosinski has more than a few secrets up his sleeves. Actually, he only has one secret — dude had a girlfriend while filming The Bachelorette! Or, so the girl says when she shows up to confront him in Season 9 Episode 3.

Which Bachelorette Guy’s Rumored Girlfriend Posed Topless?!
Credit: Stephanie Larimore on Twitter    

Apparently, Brian was dating none other than Playboy Playmate Stephanie Larimore (aka Bachelorette alum Craig Robinson's ex-girlfriend. More on that later.), who will show up on set next week and introduce herself to Des. One word: Drama! We can't wait to see what Brian has to say for himself, but we have a feeling Des will send him packing once she finds out the truth.

The good news? It doesn't look like Stephanie is losing sleep over the fact that her boyfriend cheated on her during a nationally televised reality show. In fact, she's just going about her business, posing topless. You know, the uszh.

Check out this picture of Stephanie "dressed up" as a sexy baseball player, only FUN FACT! Instead of wearing actual clothing, she's wearing some body paint with the Washington Nationals logo on it. (Click here for the NSFW version.)

You're welcome, Our Nation's Capitol. You're welcome forever.

Source: Twitter

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