Which Hilton Sister Once Dated Ian Somerhalder?
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Which Hilton Sister Once Dated Ian Somerhalder?

Brace yourself, Ian Somerhalder fans. The drop dead gorgeous Vampire Diaries star has ties to the notorious Hilton family. It’s hard to believe, we know, but Hollywood can be a surprisingly small town when it comes down to it.

So which Hilton heiress had the pleasure — nay, the honor — of being the focus of a Somerhalder smolder? When we asked folks on Viggle LIVE! that question, the results were almost as clear as Ian’s piercing blue eyes.

With a whopping 74 percent of the total vote, Nicky Hilton was the clear favorite of voters — and also of Ian. The two dated from late 2003 to early 2004, the same year Nicky married childhood friend Todd Meister, only to have their marriage annulled three months later. In Todd’s defense, it’s got to be hard to follow Somerhalder.

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As for Nicky’s older sister Paris, she got just 26 percent of the Viggle vote. In her defense, 2003 and 2004 were particularly busy years for the socialite turned reality TV star. Her infamous sex tape leaked in 2003 and her almost equally infamous television series, The Simple Life, with fellow starlet Nicole Richie debuted later that same year. Obviously, she was just too busy to date one of the world’s sexiest men, right?

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