The Bachelor

Which Huge Male Model Hits on Reality Stars and Power Walks?

What happens in Bachelor Nation stays in Bachelor Nation, which is presumably why Sean Lowe's ex-lovers, Sarah Herron and Daniella McBride are living in the same Los Angeles neighborhood! These lovely ladies were shocked when they were ousted from Sean's love nest, but fear not — there's a new blond man-bombshell in their midst, and his hair is even more luscious than the tufts around Sean's nipples.

Turns out Daniella and Sarah are living next door to a world-famous model — and get this? Their mystery man spends his evenings power walking around the nabe and hitting on ladies.

So, who is Daniella and Sarah's sexy boy next door? We'll give you one hint: he has a really hard time believing things, and he also has a fondness for salty spreads. Think you know the answer? Click here to find out!