Which RHOBH Ladies Reached Out to Carlton Gebbia After Her Hospital Visit?
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Which RHOBH Ladies Reached Out to Carlton Gebbia After Her Hospital Visit?

This was a wild week for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Carlton Gebbia, who was taken to the hospital after taking too many tequila shots. As it turns out, two of Carlton's co-stars wished her well after her hospital visit and you'll never guess which two!

On March 5, Carlton was at a steakhouse with some gal pals when she got too drunk and left in an ambulance. She later joked about the incident on Twitter, chalking it up to six tequila shots and a low tolerance level. So we now wonder how much alcohol she'd downed when she got tipsy at the stripper-pole lesson earlier this season.

The next day, Carlton revealed that Joyce Giraud was the only RHoBH lady to reach out to her personally after the boozy night. "I have to say truly thank you to Joyce," Carlton tweeted. "She personally texted me, and I honestly appreciated it." It's great that Joyce thought to see how Carlton was doing, even though they haven't been getting along recently.

But Carlton was less impressed with Kyle Richards's efforts to wish her well. Carlton tweeted, "Wow, someone just told me that even Kyle sent me well-wishes. If that's true, then thank you, Kyle." However, Carlton later was told that Kyle had retweeted a fan's positive message about Carlton instead of writing her own message. And when one of Carlton's followers said Kyle only did this to seem like a good friend, Carlton responded, "So true."

Kyle just can't win with Carlton, can she? But we're glad Carlton is doing better and we're curious to see if she and Joyce continue to become better friends.

Are you surprised that Joyce reached out to Carlton? And do you think Carlton is too hard on Kyle?

Source: Carlton on Twitter