Which A-Lister Thinks Game of Thrones Is a “Joke”?
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Game of Thrones

Which A-Lister Thinks Game of Thrones Is a “Joke”?

Last we checked, everyone loved Game of Thrones, right? And how could they not? It’s exciting, it’s dramatic, the characters are interesting... it even has dragons! But at least one big star just isn’t feeling it.

Actress Emma Stone, while playing a game of “This or That” with MTV News, was asked to choose which she liked better: Orange Is the New Black or Game of Thrones. Emma chose OITNB, explaining, “I’ve only seen Orange Is the New Black because I think Game of Thrones is a joke show that isn’t real.” Ouch.

Emma goes on to try and justify her position but only ends up digging herself a deeper hole. “I’ve never seen an episode,” she admits. “But whenever I see a commercial for it I’m like, ‘They’re just messing with us, this isn’t a show!’ [laughs].”

While we don’t quite understand Emma’s apparent belief that HBO is trolling us with GoT (does she just not believe that a show based in a medieval fantasy setting would be on the same channel as Girls?), we definitely think she should give it a shot. She’s never seen an episode, so she really should try it out before dragging it through the mud. Frankly, all it would take is the pilot episode for her to realize this show is no joke, then she’d probably be in love with the show just like every other celeb.

Source: MTV News

07.25.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Johnny Brayson
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