Which Mean Model Was Eliminated on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16, Episode 10?
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America's Next Top Model

Which Mean Model Was Eliminated on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16, Episode 10?

Welcome to Morocco, Part II. Molly is sure of herself, Alexandria is nervous, and Hannah is very busy assessing the other models. She thinks Molly is California surfer girl, Brittani breaks boundaries, and Molly is scary. We also learn that Hannah may be sweet, but she will cut you. OK, then.

Drink Some Tea: Miss J comes to the house and hands the models their portfolios. It's time for a tea party with Franca Sozzani. The Vogue Italia editor-in-chief breezes through their books and talks about how hard modeling is and how much she likes discovering photographers. Brittani admits to being a Vogue hoarder, and Franca assures her the print editions will be around forever despite the stupid Internet.

Now Balance the Tea On Your Head: Introducing professional tea tray dancer, Noor Talbi. As you might imagine, she tries to teach the girls to balance the tea sets on their heads while dancing. Over a tile floor. Shockingly, it gets loud, as Brittani and Hannah can't balance the trays for more than two seconds. Alexandria looks like she glued the tray on her head and starts dropping it and singing "yeah, yeah, yeah" to herself. Miss J announces that they will be performing what they just "learned" in front of a live audience.

They arrive at the show and learn they'll be doing the tea tray dance with a group of professionals. And this time, the trays also have candles on them. Lit candles. They'll also be walking down stairs. What could go wrong? Molly trips on her skirt, drops the tray and looks really angry. Brittani does amazingly well and clearly must have been practicing tea tray balancing underground all day. Hannah balances the tray, and does a hula dance, essentially. Alexandria starts out looking like a pro, but gets overly confident and drops the tray. Molly laughs. Brittani wins and gets a one-on-one walking lesson from Miss J. She elects to have Hannah come along with her, since she needs help the most. He gives them some pointers and stares aghast at Hannah's half-turns. But she tries!

The Final Destination: The models are shooting in an outdoor market with photographer Friedmann Hauss and wearing designs by Daniella Issa Helayel. Jay tells them the concept is continuing the story of a fashion caravan from last week. They've arrived in the destination they spotted in the desert. Hannah's up first, and she seems to be trying a bit too hard for Jay's liking. He thinks her eyes look glazed over, and her body language is just too pose-y. Molly goes next, and works wonders arching her back by a carriage. Jay and Friedmann are pleased. Jay warns Alexandria about being too controlling beforehand, and she starts off OK twirling herself and her outfit around in the market. But once the photog tells her to relax her mouth, she loses some steam. Brittani, suffering some mystery illness from goat's brain that she spit out in the marketplace the night before, pushes through her blah feelings and the rain to deliver some beautiful shots. She poses against the wall and gives a tiny smirk through her scarf.

The Scarf-less Panel: Andre thinks Alexandria looks like she's lost her mind (in an interesting way), and Nigel wishes she had done a bit more with her body. Tyra feels Conde Nast Traveler as opposed to Conde Nast Vogue. Brittani lost her right arm in her shot, but Andre loves the broken body and everyone agrees it's a bit more high fashion than Lex's shot. They judges are a fan of Hannah's editorial body language exiting the taxi, but Tyra says her face looks neither "here nor there." Molly's pic is everything they dreamed of and more — selling the clothes and selling the high fashion vibe. Guest judge Daniella Issa Helayel really seems to like everyone, and more importantly, how her clothes look on everyone.

Call-out Order: Molly and then Brittani. Alexandria and Hannah are the bottom two.

Leaving the Moroccan Paradise: Alexandria. Kind of salt in the wound that right before putting her on the plane, Tyra said she looked like a flight attendant in her photo.

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