The Bachelor

Which New Mommy Showed Off Her Giant Sparkler Before Giving Birth?

Whoa Mommy! This hot reality star was days away from giving birth when she took a moment to snap a shot of her giant ring.

We’re pretty sure the point of this pic wasn’t to make us insanely jealous over her giant diamonds, but instead so the dancing diva could show off her nail art. She’s sporting a tiny mustache on her ring finger with the caption “Some fun mustache action in honor of the little guy,” in reference to her soon-to-arrive son.

A couple weeks later, she gave birth to her second child, a baby boy. The little tyke joined an older sister in the rosy lifestyle she’d become accustomed to. Do you know who we’re talking about? Here, we’ll help you out with a coupla clues

We first met the stache-sportin’ cutie while she was sporting an evening gown and vying for the attention of a single dad. Fast-forward a few years, and she’s got a couple waltzes under her belt, a mirrored trophy on her shelf, and plenty of roses from her hubby of nearly five years — who’s not the guy she met on the show. Got your guess? Click through to see if you’re right!