Guess Who?

Which Newly Minted Reality Star’s Love of Bow Ties Started Young?

This baby boy may resemble Orville Redenbacher’s grandson, but the now-30-year-old entrepreneur grew up to be a tall drink of water that a lovely rose giver just might be thirsty for.

While we don’t know a whole lot about this reality star since we just met him, like, yesterday, we gotta say we love his fashion sense — then and now. There’s something whimsical and gentlemanly about a boy and his bow tie. There’s something even more whimsical about a man who still rocks the same bow tie styling as he did at age 3 (we’re guessing from the photo) which is exactly what he did this week when he possibly met his future bride.

We’ve only known him a short time, but this San Francisco dweller has already made quite the impression with his pants — yes, we said pants— and his resemblance to a famous TV scientist. He’s also already the source of speculation regarding his motives for being on the small screen.

Think you know who we’re talking about? Click through to see who this adorable boy grew up to be.