Which of Britney Spears’s Teens Made It to the Top 16?
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The X Factor

Which of Britney Spears’s Teens Made It to the Top 16?

Although we are still shaking and crying and yelling about the fact that our glorious episode was interrupted on October 17 and we didn’t get to see the whole shebang, we’re relieved we know which Teens (12-16 year olds) made it through. The episode will be re aired in its entirety on Tuesday, October 23) but in the meantime, let’s relive the majesty of Britney Spears’s decisions.

1. Diamond White sings everything from Avril Lavigne to James Brown with style, grace, and sweetness. We can’t wait to know more about her and hear her grow in vocal maturity right before our ears/eyes. She has some big competition in this group — and over all!

2. Carly Rose Sonenclar has been a favorite of ours since we first found out about the Broadway diva. Even guest mentor will.i.am thinks the 13-year-old has a shot at winning the 5 million dollar prize. Whether singing Nina Simone or “Pumped Up Kicks,” Carly’s solid vocals always shine but will she be able to show us her vulnerability if the song calls for it?

3. Arin Ray is an old pro at The X Factor game, having made it to the Top 12 in The X Factor 2011 in the group inTENsity. He made Demi’s heart melt in Boot Camp with his rendition of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” — will he have the same effect on America?

4. Beatrice Miller has the unfortunate task of fighting against another 13-year-old girl with a big voice similar to hers — Carly Rose. So, will this worldly, wonderful, holey heart sweater-wearing teen be able to stand out? So far, she hasn’t gotten a ton of screen time, so she has a little catching up to do. The soaring vocals she showed off in her Judges’ Houses audition seem to indicate she’s more than ready to make us love her (even more).

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