Which The Walking Dead Pill Would You Take — and Why? (PHOTO)
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The Walking Dead

Which The Walking Dead Pill Would You Take — and Why? (PHOTO)

You never know what fun stuff you might find when you wander The Walking Dead fan pages.

We checked out the Judith Grimes Facebook page and they posted a photo that's probably working its way around the Internet, or maybe it's been out there for a while. At any rate, it gives TWD fans a bunch of not-so ideal options to choose from in the form of a Matrix/Alice in Wonderland-esque truth pill.

You can read the options in the picture shown, but in case the photo doesn't come through for you, here are the pills:

Yellow pill: Kills your least favorite character but your favorite character will die in 3 episodes.

Green pill: Brings back one dead character but only for one more season.

Blue pill: The show is broadcast year round but not available in your country.

Orange pill: Your favorite character will never die but everyone they love dies.

Red pill: The show goes on forever but it's 18 months between seasons.

Pink pill: Two characters of your choosing fall in love but die next season.

Grey pill: The show goes on forever but the comics stop now.

Black pill: The show ends after this season but the comics never end.

It's an interesting little game to just pick an option. Obviously the stakes are pretty low since none of this will actually happen, but you can imagine. A lot of people on the site picked Grey, since they're apparently not big comic readers. Some fans picked Green for Hershel, Shane or Merle. Some others picked Blue saying they could just download the show.

We might have to go with Green too, possibly with Shane just to see what kind of drama he could stir up in one season. Or maybe Lizzie could come back and get her revenge.

What pill would you choose, and why?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: Facebook