Which Pretty Little Liars Star Is Releasing a Single Next?
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Which Pretty Little Liars Star Is Releasing a Single Next?

We know the cast of Pretty Little Liars is a talented bunch, but did you know they can sing too? Now, before you go and petition for a musical episode (although, that would be pretty epic), let’s test your knowledge on the musical prowess of the cast.

Wetpaint posed a simple question to Viggle users during a fun round of Viggle LIVE! during Tuesday night’s premiere — which PLL cast member has yet to release a single?

A little over 13 percent of Viggle LIVE! users thought it was Rosewood starlet Lucy Hale. However, Lucy recently released her debut country single, “You Sound Good to Me,” and it’s already the no. 1 country song on iTunes. Meanwhile, 37 percent of Vigglers decided to go with Tyler Blackburn, who recently departed Rosewood for the spooky town of Ravenswood. But Tyler isn’t just a pretty face — he’s a singer too! In fact, he released his EP (“Find a Way”) this past November.

So who has yet to release a single? That would be Toby Cavanaugh himself, Keegan Allen! Congrats to the 50 percent of Vigglers who answered the question correctly. It’s not that Keegan isn’t a talented singer-songwriter, he’s just waiting for the right time to drop his album. That’s all about to change in 2014!This year, Keegan is planning to release his debut album and a book of poetry.

Who knew the residents of Rosewood were so musically inclined?

Now it's your turn! Do you want to test your TV knowledge? Not only is it easy, but you also get rewarded just for watching your favorite shows! All you have to do is download the Viggle app, get watching, and check into Viggle LIVE!

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