Dancing With The Stars

Which Dancing With the Stars Pro Is Older, Val Chmerkovskiy or Derek Hough?

Many Dancing With the Stars fans care as much (or much more!) about the show's pro dancers as the competing celebrities. After all, the pros are the ones who are there, season after season, impressing us with their skill, humor, and (at least in some cases) infinite patience with persnickety stars who don't always want to put in the hours required to rock their performances. But how well do you really know the pros?

Derek Hough and Val Chmerkovskiy are two of the most popular current pros. Derek, of course, has been wowing the Dancing With the Stars audience for years with his impressive choreography and tendency to take his partners straight to the top. Val is a newer addition to the show, but feels invaluable (it's hard to remember that he wasn't always there!). He takes that signature Chmerkovskiy hotness and combines it with a charming personality that is a little less in-your-face than his older bro Maks's bad boy of the ballroom routine.

So, you know why fans like these pros so much. But do you know which one is older? Test your knowledge now!

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