Credit : Wetpaint Entertainment

Guess Who?

Which Rapper Admitted to Crying When His Ex-Girlfriend Dumped Him? (VIDEO)

It’s pretty unusual for a rapper to get sentimental, so when this star revealed that he turned on the waterworks when his ex left him — for another rapper, no less — we were pretty shocked! But this guy has since moved on in his love life, even though he can still show you where he left a couple of tear stains on his shirt from this bad breakup.

So who is the boo-hooing rapper? Well, here’s a clue: The ex (and mother of his child) who left him broken-hearted was a part of his former rap crew. She even got her own reality show after having initially turning down the opportunity to be on his highly rated TV show.

Another hint? Well, the rapper in question tried to make things work with his baby mama, and the two eventually became engaged. Unfortunately, his mother was none-too-happy with their second chance at love, and their relationship fell apart. However, he wouldn’t stay single for too long…

Think you got an idea of who this crying rapper is? Make your guesses and then watch the video above.