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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Which Real Housewives Kid Took This Adorable Photo As a Baby?

With so much attention paid to the adults of The Real Housewives, it’s easy to forget about the franchise’s younger cast members (except when they reach the age when they can be successfully brought into storylines). ;But it's fun to watch the Housewives' kids grow up in front of our eyes, whether on the shows or just via social media. But do you know the Housewives youngsters well enough to pinpoint whose kid this adorable baby girl is?

In this beautiful flashback photo, this Housewife girl poses under an umbrella, looking literally picture perfect. It's no surprise that she's growing up to be a beautiful young woman. While the kid in question is obviously much more grown up these days, she still sports that lovely skin tone and awesome curls.

Do you think you know who it is? Click onto the next slide to find out!