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Which Reality Star Is Daddy to This Adorable Baby Boy? (PHOTO)

People always say babies look most like their dads at birth but, honestly, we’re not seeing it in this kid. Maybe slap a white V-neck on him and set him behind a judges’ table and the resemblance would be clearer, but either way, this little lad is a real heartbreaker.

His dad also has a reputation for shattering dreams, earning him the nickname of Mr. Nasty. First famous on his native soil overseas, Dad made the jump to America and brought along one of the country’s most popular imports. Forever in his debt: Kelly Clarkson, Ryan Seacrest, and Jennifer Hudson, to name a famous few.

The little tyke pictured here was a bit of a surprise for both Mom and Dad. Actually, he was a HUGE surprise for his parents seeing as his mother was married to another man at the time of his arrival. They’ve since divorced and seem to be on friendly terms, which is all for the best since baby boy has a big brother!

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