Guess Who?

Which Reality Star Flaunted Her Foot Tattoo in This Sunny Vacay Pic?

The reclining babe in this shot is one of our favorite reality stars of all time — and one of the most successful! She used her stint as reality queen to launch a career as a television host in her native Canada, and spends her free time (ha!) running a popular design blog. While she’s a total sweetie pie, she also has a sassy side, as evidenced by her body art. The ink isn’t all that scandalous though, as it’s in honor of an important family member.

We first met her when she was looking for love, and while she had to walk a very public rocky road to do it, she’s finally found that amour in an off-screen relationship. We’ve always known she was a beauty — inside and out — and we’re were thrilled to see that an entire nation agrees with us, as she was recently given an award just for being boo-ti-ful. ;

Think you’ve got those clues deciphered? Click and see if you got it right.