Guess Who?

Which Reality Star Posted a Flashback Picture With Tupac? (PHOTOS)

This reality starlet is easily one of our favorites. Not only is she one of the more sane members of her cast (and the franchise overall, for that matter) but she actually has legitimate talent to go with her reality TV pedigree.

The talented gal in question has been writing and singing songs since she was a teen, first as part of a popular '90s girl band, and later as a skilled solo artist. Thanks to her decades-long involvement in the music industry, she’s had the privilege of rubbing elbows with some of the industry’s greats, like Tupac.

Though the iconic rapper has since passed away, he was very much alive when he snapped a pic with the reality star in question.

Think you know which lucky lady got to cozy up to Tupac back in the day? Take a guess and click through to the next slide to see if you’re right!