Which RHoA Star Was Most Ratchet in Season 6? The Ladies Weigh In! (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Which RHoA Star Was Most Ratchet in Season 6? The Ladies Weigh In! (VIDEO)

During one of the lighter moments from the dramatic three-part Season 6 Reunion of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Andy Cohen asked the women to nominate their fellow co-stars in the MVP Awards for the year. Up first? The Most Ratchet Award, of course. In this BravoTV clip, the women narrow it down to two candidates.

As soon as Andy asks the ladies who is the most ratchet of them all, Phaedra Parks immediately answers with Kenya Moore's name — no surprises there. Meanwhile, Kenya responds by saying that the award should go to Phaedra, while the rest of the women laugh.

They then jump to a flashback clip of the argument between Phaedra and Kenya that took place in Mexico, when Phaedra contemplated slapping the dog poop out of her for talking to her husband.

While the women start cracking up on the couches, Kenya joins in, commenting, "I think I can laugh at myself, and also with everyone else."

It's at that point that NeNe Leakes weighs in with her choice for most ratchet, giving Kenya another vote.

"Miss Ratchet USA," she snarks, rolling her eyes.

It looks like Kenya and Phaedra were the only two Hotlanta gals up for the award, though we wouldn't exclude Marlo Hampton from the running. After all, she even once said that it's OK to get ratchet now and then.

Who do you think deserves the Most Ratchet MVP Award for Season 6? Weigh in with your vote in the comments section below!

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