Which RHoA Stars Have Been Fired? Andy Cohen Says..
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Which RHoA Stars Have Been Fired? Andy Cohen Says..

We’re so anxious to find out who will be returning as cast members on Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 that we’ve been drinking up every little rumor that hits the interwebs. Porsha Williams is out and Kenya Moore’s staying? ‘Kay. Sheree Whitfield is coming back? Sweet! Kenya leaving voluntarily? Sure… But now Andy Cohen is officially setting the record straight.

On May 2, Andy was stuck in the airport with some time to kill so he threw a Twitter Q&A for his followers. The ensuing tweets were pretty educational —RHoNY isn’t getting canceled! Andy’s writing another book! — but nothing was more surprising than his responses about the ladies of Hotlanta.

“Do you think It was necessary to fire Porscha [sic] when Kenya was the instigator? If you back a dog into a corner it's going to bite,” one fan asked the executive producer.

“No one has been fired,” Andy responded bluntly.

And just to solidify that response, when one fan asked, “Has [sic] any contracts for #RHOA been renewed and is Porsha coming back?” Andy returned with, “No decisions yet.”

So there ya have it folks! We’re a little surprised to learn that things are still up in the air — we assumed decisions had been made, just not made public. But hey, this is probably good news, right? Maybe all of our fav gals are stickin’ around.

Who do you think is staying and going? Tell us in the comments below.

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