Which Dancing With the Stars Routines Should Get 2014 Emmy Nominations?
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Which Dancing With the Stars Routines Should Get 2014 Emmy Nominations?

Last year, Derek Hough became the first Dancing With the Stars pro to win an Emmy for choreography. Will DWTS continue the tradition in 2014?

DWTS has had several nominations in the category over the years, and we expect more nods when the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards nominations are announced on July 10. This year’s nominees will come from the fall 2013 Season 17 and spring 2014 Season 18. @DWTSGossip recently asked fans, "Speaking of Emmy nominations for best choreo...which #dwts performance would you submit for consideration? from 6/1/13 until 5/31/14."

Many fans suggested their favorites, including Meryl and Maks's Freestyle, Charlie and Sharna's Mary Poppins dance, and all of the Macy's Stars of Dance productions. @DWTS weighed back in, writing, “Yes, I hope Derek, Maks, Sharna submitted their favorites. Also hope Val submitted his AT w/ Meryl. Too many great performances." Maks fans wrote in saying they figured Lizzie Grubman, Maks’s rep, would submit his choreography for consideration. Lizzie replied, “We sure did! (and didn't tell Maks).”

Great news! However, there seems to be a snag when it comes to routines performed in Season 18 — which aired from March 17, 2014 – May 20, 2014. AfterBuzz TV's Kristyn Burtt ‏shared the Emmy rules, which shows the deadline for entries:

That complicates things, because if the DVDs were due April 25, that means some of the Season 18 dances missed the deadline. Or does it? As it turns out, this year the DVD deadline was extended for all choreography submissions, so the Season 18 finale choreography was able to be submitted. We have confirmation that, indeed, all of the dances from Season 18 were eligible to be submitted. Yay! That means we can think about all of Season 17 and 18 when considering which dances we'd like to see nominated, and which we'd personally pick for the win. That's a lot of great stuff to chose from!

Also, one correction on point #3: If there is a choreography team of more than two people, they can petition to have the additional choreographer(s) included. That doesn't tend to be as relevant for DWTS, though we suppose it could come up if there's ever a really spectacular group dance.

So, which dances from this year do you hope to see nominated? Let us know in the comments below!

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