The Bachelor

Which Sassy TV Star Shared This Sudsy Selfie? You’ll Never Guess!

Last year, this tell-it-like-it-is-Texan gave some pretty hot ladies a run for their money in the competition for a rose-giver with some sweet abs. Mr. 6-pack slipped through her fingers, and since leaving our lives she’s stayed a couple steps into the shadows of public life, only surfacing now and then with photos announcing new relationships and their subsequent demises (she’s dated at least two men famous for the same franchise that first brought her into our eye space).

A preacher’s daughter, this emotional lass tongue-lashed the original object of her affection on national television, calling him out for “acting like a frat boy.” A year later the over-emoter reminded us she was still alive — and pissed — by Twitter lashing the same object, this time of her unaffection, during primetime. “Feelings ARE reality,” the sharp-tongued shorty shot out for the world to read. “#JustSaying.” ; ; ; ; ;

Think you know who’s sudsing it up in this pic? Click on and see if you’re right.