Which True Blood Season 7 Character Dies During the Premiere?
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True Blood

Which True Blood Season 7 Character Dies During the Premiere?

True Blood Season 7 premiered tonight, Sunday, June 23 to an epic bloodbath between some of our favorite stars and the new Hep V mutations. Between dead bodies and pools of blood everywhere, it was sad to see some residents of Bon Temp bite the big one, and with this season being the last (tear), it’s pretty clear that we’re going to see quite a few faves meet their maker.

So which True Blood character died tonight?

Sorry Tara Thornton fans, but the bartender-turned-vamp met the true death, while protecting her mother, Lettie Mae Thornton, at the mixer at Bellefleurs. Tara’s death definitely had its consequences, as her roommate (and friend), baby vamp Willa Burrell, is unable to return to their home as Tara was her only friend since being turned by Eric.

And while Tara’s cousin, Lafayette Reynolds, isn’t too bothered by Tara’s untimely death, Jessica Hamby is pretty torn up when she hears the news, and Tara's mother is deeply bothered. So much so, that after taking a taste of vampire blood from Willa, Lettie Mae is convinced that Tara’s not dead and is trying to talk to her.

Later on, Lettie Mae continues to grieve her daughter’s death, and when Sookie Stackhouse tries to show her sympathy by touching Lettie Mae’s shoulder at a church service, Lettie Mae blames Tara’s death on Sookie and tells the blonde telepath she’s not welcomed in the house of Christ. Talk about your grief!

We’re sorry to see Tara go, but we must keep our chins held up high — she will not be the only casualty of this final season.

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