Which RHoBH Star Does Andy Cohen Want to Be? (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Which RHoBH Star Does Andy Cohen Want to Be? (VIDEO)

If anyone is qualified to assess the Real Housewives stars' lives, it's Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen. So which of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars would he most want to be?

Andy is asked exactly that by a viewer during a segment of his web series, Ask Andy. And as it turns out, Andy is torn between two lovely RHoBH gals.

"Part of me wants to say Lisa Vanderpump because I really covet her closet," Andy confesses. "I really think about that closet, and I want to have a closet like that one day." Dare to dream, buddy. And here we thought that the best reason to be Lisa would be to get to hold Giggy whenever you please.

Which RHoBH Star Does Andy Cohen Want to Be? (VIDEO)
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So who is the person Andy would really want to be? Turns out that it's Lisa's bestie-turned-nemesis, Brandi Glanville. "But I think I'm going to say Brandi [Glanville] only because I would love the ability to say whatever the hell..." Andy says as he trails off. "She has Tourette's in some weird way. She just says things." Ah, the beauty of not thinking before you speak.

We can honestly understand why Andy would choose either lady, since they're both stunning and have pretty cool lives. However, Lisa has to deal with all those wacky SUR servers, so that's got to be a headache.

Are you surprised that Andy chose Brandi?

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