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This High School Student Grew Up to Be Which Controversial Reality TV Star?

Watching our favorite reality TV stars, it can be hard to remember that those table-turning, back-stabbing, drama-loving folks flashing up on our screens were once regular, everyday people like us (the Kardashians not included). But leave it to a good #TBT to remind us that everyone has to start somewhere!

Example A: a new photo coming courtesy from one of Hotlanta’s leading ladies! In this throwback snap, she’s just 16, years before she’d score her spot on a VH1 hit series.

Now a self-described “model, actress, dream chaser,” this mystery woman is so dedicated to seeing her star rise, she posts her personal email to her Twitter (though she’s yet to score one of those nifty blue check marks). Most recently, she grabbed headlines after accusing one of her fellow co-stars for staging a razor blade attack that left her bandaged and bruised.

Think you know who this might be? Make your guesses and then click through for the big reveal!