Which Glee Star Has Never Been on Broadway?
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Which Glee Star Has Never Been on Broadway?

The Glee cast is an immensely talented bunch with several Broadway vets among them, but not everyone in the cast has been lucky enough to grace the Great White Way. Since Season 5, Episode 15: “Bash” featured several well-known Broadway tunes (all hail Stephen Sondheim!) we decided to give Viggle LIVE users a little B’Way quiz with a Glee twist.

During Glee’s April 8 installment we asked you guys which star of the Fox dramedy has not been on Broadway. Our three choices were Chris Colfer (Kurt), Jonathan Groff (Jesse St. James), and Darren Criss (Blaine). We were tempted to put Lea Michele (Rachel) in there, but her Broadway pedigree is obvious to anyone who has ever heard her sing or watch her be interviewed.

So how did you gleeks do on our little quiz? Keep reading for the results!

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12 percent of you thought Jonathan has never been on B’Way, while another 16 percent went with Darren as the Glee cast member without any Broadway cred. However, as Broadway nerds know, Jonathan (Lea’s BFF) co-starred with her in the hugely successful musical Spring Awakening, and Darren appeared in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying for a three-week stint back in 2010.

By the power of deduction then, you can see that Chris is the one who has yet to appear on Broadway. This may be surprising to some of you since he’s a self-professed musical theater buff, but 72 percent of you still answered correctly. Huzzah!

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Glee Season 5, Episode 16: “Tested” airs April 15 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.