Which Jersey Shore Star Will Have a Baby Next?
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Which Jersey Shore Star Will Have a Baby Next?

Our minds were a little blown when Snooki turned out to be the first Jersey Shore star to pop out a mini-guido, and we were even more surprised that Pauly D ended up being the second parent from the gang. Which guido or guidette will be the next to trade fist-pumping for baby-burping?

We can't see into the future, but we can tell you where the other stars are, relationship wise, and what have to say about a potential baby in their futures.

JWOWW. If we were the betting sort, we'd put our money on Jenni as the next Jersey mommy. She's currently engaged to Roger Mathews, and with a wedding in the works, a baby can't be too far away, right? It sounds like it's definitely on their minds.

Sammi and Ronnie. Jersey Shore's longest running couple, Sammi and Ronnie, are currently living together and loving it. We predict engagement, marriage, and a baby in their future — we're just not sure if they'll beat their other castmates to the punch.

Deena Nicole. You also shouldn't count Deena Nicole out of the race. She and boyfriend Chris Buckner are looking to move in together soon, and Deena thinks an engagement is down the line. We could certainly see them settling down with a tot.

Snooki, again. Snooki is already missing Lorenzo's newborn days, and she's on record saying she wants to have four kids all together, spaced out with two years between each kiddo. Lorenzo is already into his second year, so a second mini-meatball might be in Snooki's near future.

The Situation. The Situation seems to be happy with his college sweetheart right now, but since that rekindled relationship is pretty new, we're not going to be betting on a baby from Mike anytime soon.

Vinny. Vinny seems pretty focused on his career right now. As far as know he's not in a relationship right now, and as one of the younger Jersey Shore stars, we doubt he's planning to have a kid at this point.

Who do you think will have a baby next? Sound off in the comments below!

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