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Which Walking Dead Star’s Private Parts Were Attacked By a Tick?

Any fan of The Walking Dead knows that the AMC hit films in rural Georgia, and even though that setting maybe be perfect to show off what the world would look and feel like post-apocalypse, the rural set can sometimes be problematic for the cast and crew. As one TWD star explained during a recent appearance on Conan, the set is crawling with bugs of all kinds.

“There’s these things called velvet ants, which are massive red ants, and then there’s a lot of ticks,” said actor revealed. “I had a run-in with a tick, it was really bad actually. I went home after a day of work and I was doing the regular tick check … and I had a guy, on my guy.”

“You had a tick on your member?” host Conan O’Brien clarified.

“On the tip,” our brave sole said.

Think you know which TWD actor had an awkward run-in with a tick? Take some guesses and click through to the next slide to see if you’re right!

10.17.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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