Guess Who?

Which Tiny Pregnant Reality Star Showed Off Her Giant Baby Bump?!

The tum tum in this baby belly selfie belongs to a bubbly Reality Star who rose to fame when she was wooing a hunky entrepreneur from the south. The Texas titan slipped through her fingers shortly after he met her ma and pa, but she bounced back in a big way. The smile doctor went on to find love with a construction manager who won her heart in Fiji. Now the pair are expecting their first bundle of love, and since it’s a boy we guess they can’t name him Cupcake, though we’d hope they would consider that name no matter the gender. Because, history.

The cute couple, who married in a televised ceremony, have been living on the East Coast where they both work. But recently they announced they’re uprooting their nest and heading to the warmer climates of Miami. The just-turned-30-year-old has a baby bump now, but back in 2011, she showed off some of the flattest abs we’ve ever seen in Sports Illustrated. ;

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