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Which TV Star Was a Great Fisherman as a Kid?

Nowadays this television star is likely more used to working on sets and walking down red carpets, but when this actor was a little kid he was apparently pretty good at catching some fish. As you can see, the TV star in question recently shared an old snapshot of himself fishing as a young boy, and it looks like he was pretty successful. Just get a load of that broad smile he’s sporting while showing off his catch of the day!

Now that little boy stars on a hit TV show, and although his character doesn’t fish, it might not be a bad skill to brush up on since every day is a struggle for survival. Then again, this guy’s character has proven that he’s horrible with a gun and claims to be more book smart, so maybe we’ll leave the hunting and gathering to some of the show’s more outdoorsy characters.

Think you know which TV star shared a snapshot of himself fishing as a kid? Take a guess and click through to the next slide to see if you’re right!

05.29.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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