America Is Creeped Out By Melania Trump\'s White House Christmas Decorations
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Melania Trump

America Is Creeped Out By Melania Trump’s White House Christmas Decorations


'Tis the season to be...gloomy?

America is seriously confused at Melania Trump's interior design process, calling her out on social media for the dreary, creepy Christmas decorations she's chosen for the White House this year.

But we guess the decor matches the dreary, creepy mood of the United States right now...

It all began when Stephanie Grisham, the First Lady's Director of Communications, tweeted out this photo of the White House halls decked out for the holiday season.

"The holidays are upon us!! Right now: flotus is seeing to every last detail here at the #whitehouse," she wrote.

But followers were not fans of the look, saying it gave them "a lingering feeling of anxiety and dread" and looked more like Halloween than Christmas.


Others compared the overall dark feel to Tim Burton movies and made memes showing its similarities to horror films. Ha!

One fan even shared a picture of President Barack Obama in the very same hallway to show the stark difference between his more festive decor and the Trump's understated grey color scheme.

We miss you, BO!

But the FLOTUS seemed unbothered by the negativity, sharing her own video clip giving a more exhaustive look at the White House's overall holiday aesthetic.

The Trumps are coming up on their one-year anniversary of being in the White House — let's hope year two goes more smoothly... in more ways than one.

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