Monica Fans Drag Brandy Over Whitney Houston Birthday Tributes
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Monica Fans Drag Brandy Over Whitney Houston Birthday Tributes


Brandy and Monica have been mainstays in the world of R&B for over 20 years, collaborating on the classic “The Boy is Mine,” as well as 2012’s “It All Belongs to Me.”

Both songstresses also had a close relationship with late music icon Whitney Houston, whose 54th birthday would have been yesterday, August 9.

After catching some hate for posting a tribute to Whitney hours after Monica, the “Never Say Never” singer blasted her fellow vocalist and her fans, only to be met with more ridicule.


Monica first posted her own birthday tribute to Whitney, affectionately known as ‘Nippy,’ alongside a short & sweet caption.


Brandy later posted a tribute of her own, featuring a collage of herself and the superstar along with a lengthy caption thanking her for “passing the torch.”


Many Monica fans questioned Brandy’s motives, believing she only wanted to show up the “Angel of Mine” singer with her post.

They also accused the single mom of making Whitney’s tribute all about herself.


Brandy soon began defending herself, saying she and Whit had private conversations about carrying the torch, and that while both she and Monica knew the legend, they had a stronger relationship.


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"Don't project your petty on me... she passed the torch when she passed on my birthday. I have a duty to do what she asked me to do and not anyone else.

“So you, your faves, and your followers can sit down somewhere and I don't follow oh girl [sic] so I don't know what she post, or posted.”


She continued, “Whitney loved us both so I don't see the competition or the comparison. But truth is, I was closer to Whitney and that means a lot to me.”


As if referring to Monica as “oh girl” wasn’t bad enough, she later called out her former collaborator by name, saying she needs to check her disrespectful fans.


“Monica needs to really check her evil ass fans…it’s so much stuff I can post about the hateful things they say to me.”

“Come get your hating ass pigeons and put them in their place.”


While Monica has remained mum, her fans went off on B-Rocka. Check out some of the best reactions.


Social media was also the root of Brandy & Monica's 2016 "feud," where Brandy threw shade at Monica over the success of her #SoGoneChallenge, which was started by Chicago's Chance the Rapper. 

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