The Hills Star Whitney Port Launches Bridal Stationery Collection — Exclusive
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The Hills Star Whitney Port Launches Bridal Stationery Collection — Exclusive

It looks like life is imitating art for former The Hills and The City starlet Whitney Port! The reality star turned fashion designer might be planning her own wedding to her fiancé Tim Rosenman, but that doesn’t mean she can’t help fellow bride-to-bes plan their own!

As part of Whitney’s year-long partnership with the stationery company Wedding Paper Divas, the 29-year-old designed six new invitation suites in an array of different styles that adhere to her romantic yet bohemian style. Each reminds us why we fell in love with her in the first place.

The fashion designer not only drew inspiration from her personal style and wedding planning, but from current trends she’s seen around world, from Aztec and geometric prints to lush florals and cool watercolors.

Wetpaint Entertainment got the inside scoop about Whit’s new collection, which hits the internets on August 15 via Hear what’s she learned so far about wedding planning!

The Hills Star Whitney Port Launches Bridal Stationery Collection — Exclusive
Credit: Courtesy of Wedding Paper Divas    

Wetpaint Entertainment: We love your new collection! How did you get into designing the stationary line?

Whitney Port: I have my own wedding coming up, and I think it was just a natural relationship with Wedding Paper Divas. I thought it would be something fun to do, to kind of harness both of our creative energies, and for them to take my inspiration and make it into something real.

Would you say it was more of a collaborative effort or did you steer creative?

I definitely gave them the direction for each invitation. Obviously, I’m not a graphic designer so I couldn’t pull it all together. But I told them every color palette, every font, every design.

That must have been like second nature for you, coming from a fashion background.

Yea, that was fun! It’s something that you don’t have to worry about how it feels or looks on, so it seems a bit easier than designing clothes.

How did your own wedding planning inspire the collection?

It just made me think about everything that a bride and a groom really wants. The couple wants to make the day really personal, so I wanted to make sure they were really different and unique.

Someone who gets the watercolor and enchanted theme is a totally different bride than a person that’s going for something a little bit more modern and edgy. I wanted there to be a couple options for different women out there.

What’s your advice for any bride planning her own wedding?

The best advice that I’ve gotten is to make sure you and your spouse have really good communication about everything, and that you know it’s just about the two of you. Everyone is going to have a million different opinions … but when it comes down to it, what you’re planning is about you guys, which is a really hard thing to do because it’s people that you really care about. Your mom is giving you this opinion and his mom is giving you that opinion and you want to take it into consideration, but you have to think about what the two of you want.

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