Whitney Port Talks Wedding Planning, Picking a Dress, and Her Guest List! — Exclusive
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Whitney Port Talks Wedding Planning, Picking a Dress, and Her Guest List! — Exclusive

The last time we checked on former Hills and City starlet Whitney Port, she was knee-deep in planning her upcoming nuptials to fiancé Tim Rosenman.

The couple got engaged back in November of 2013, and when Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the 29-year-old for the launch of her bridal stationery collection — which is now available! — we found out that girlfriend is still planning.

So what’s the holdup? Nothing more than sheer perfectionism! We can’t really blame Whitney for wanting to take her time though, it’s kind of a big day. Read on to see what we’ve learned about Whitney’s wedding details, from the dress to her guest list!

Wetpaint Entertainment: How’s the wedding planning coming along?

Whitney Port: It’s coming! We’ve really taken the process pretty slowly, I’ve put a lot of care, and thought, and effort into it.

Have you managed to pick your wedding dress?

I have a couple. The thing about me is that I’m very finicky and I change my mind a lot so I’ll get set on something and the next, I’m like, ‘No, no, no, no.’ So I’m waiting until the last minute possible to actually decide what I want to do because I want the planning of the actual day to pan out before I decide.

Do you think you’ll wear two different dresses for the big day?

I don’t feel like changing and it’s something that I don’t want to worry about. But I think it’s a very personal thing. If you’re going to wear something really uncomfortable, or big, or whatever for your ceremony, then you’ll probably want to change so you can enjoy the night to dance around.

Will there be a Hills or City reunion at your wedding?

I wouldn't say a reunion, they’ll be a few people that you’ll see there, but not a full case reunion.

Whitney sure knows how to keep us on our toes! Check back in with Wetpaint Entertainment for more news on this star’s upcoming nuptials.