Who Has Been Injured on Dancing With the Stars 2013? Season 17 Injury Roundup
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Who Has Been Injured on Dancing With the Stars 2013? Season 17 Injury Roundup

Everyone always has aches and pains on Dancing With the Stars — that comes with the territory. But occasionally there are serious head-to-the-doctor injuries. Season 17 is already keeping L.A. area medics pretty busy, and here’s a roundup of who has been hurt so far.

Amber Riley: By Week 4, Amber's knees had gotten tired of this whole game. She went to the doctor to get the fluid drained out of them and was spotted out and about in a knee brace. Lindsay Arnold, now in the troupe, had to step in during rehearsals with Derek Hough, leaving frustrated Amber to just watch. Amber and Derek only started rehearsing their Week 4 Tango on the Friday before Monday's show, but they did an amazing job, tying at the top of the Leaderboard with a 27.

Brant Daugherty: Weirdly enough, it does pay sometimes to dance injured. Brant sprained a ligament in his foot — he wasn't sure how — and had to wear a special boot around. He and Peta Murgatroyd even missed some rehearsal time, but when they had to get out there and do their Week 3 Quickstep, they did it proud, earning the highest score of the week, a 27. On Week 4, though, Brant was struggling with an old shoulder injury that affected the lifts Peta wanted to do. He's only 28, but poor Brant is falling apart!

Who Has Been Injured on Dancing With the Stars 2013? Season 17 Injury Roundup
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Bill Nye: Did you see that one picture of his left knee? Oof! Nastiness. Poor Bill. On Week 2, toward the end of his routine, Bill got injured and he ended up tearing 80 percent of his quadriceps. His doctor told him not to dance, to risk making the injury even worse. His partner Tyne Stecklein also injured her own knee when overcompensating. But they both got out there for one last dance on Week 3, even if it wasn't much of a Jazz. We miss them!

Valerie Harper: Valerie entered Season 17 with a terminal brain cancer diagnosis, so everything after that had to seem like small potatoes. Valerie is 74 and she's had chronic knee pain for years. She already had a partial knee replacement in her really bad knee, but she told ABC the stomping in her Week 2 Paso Doble made them hurt even more. An MRI revealed osteoarthritis and a meniscus tear, and she's been getting soft tissue mobilization treatments. She’ll “Carry On” — just not on DWTS, since she left us on Week 4. Her partner, Tristan MacManus, also injured his shoulder, which was mentioned in passing on the October 7 show.

Let’s hope no one else gets added to the major injury list! Are you shocked by how many people have been hurt so far? Sound off below, and catch the next episode of Dancing With the Stars on Monday, October 14 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.