The Bachelor

Who Did Juan Pablo Pick — And What Happened to the Rest of the Girls? (PHOTOS)

The journey of Juan Pablo Galavis ;and his motley band of lady loos is about to enter its second month, and we feel like we totally know them already. We definitely already have favorites, and as time goes on, we're getting more into the drama that's going down, having prepared our bodies for what happens thanks to a handy guide to spoilers. The good news? This is definitely one of the most entertaining and beautiful seasons in a long while. The bad news? Well, based on how strongly we feel already about these gorgeous gals, we aren't ready to watch them take a moment and say their final goodbyes.

Some of these ladies are already happy as clams with new (or old, returned) boyfs, new friends, and cuddly puppies to call their own after the taping of The Bachelor. And whether you choose to leaf through to confirm your suspicions, increase your jealousy, or simply gawk at the gals post-Pablo and wonder how they could possibly press their lips to inferior specimens now, we present to you this loving gallery of the future. And remember, just because this is what we've heard doesn't mean it's the final word. Only Chris Harrison (and time) will tell us exactly ;what happens when these ladies leave the rose-scented fold of The Bachelor ;Season 18. Enjoy. ;

*Caution: Spoilers ahead!*

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