Danai Gurira Knows Who Negan Killed in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Finale
Rosita, Glenn, and Michonne Find Daryl in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 15
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Danai Gurira Knows Who Negan Killed in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Finale


Well, we can now add Danai Gurira to the growing list of people who know who Negan killed in The Walking Dead Season 6 finale.

The actress and playwright apparently has the inside scoop, but good luck getting it out of her!

“Yeah I know. I know what's happening," she told E! Online on the red carpet at the Tony Awards last Sunday. “I'll tell you this much — I know something. I know a little bit more than you.”

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Well, we figured as much.

When pressed for specifics, like whether or not we'll have to watch that terrifying moment where Negan's bat meets the victim’s head all over again, Danai grew even more tight-lipped.

Michonne Held Captive in The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale
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“Suddenly, I don't know anything,” she said. “Where am I?!”

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Oh, Danai, you slay us!  

The Tony nominee is now the second TWD cast member to confirm she’s in the know about Negan’s victim.

Days after the finale aired, her co-star, Norman Reedus, revealed he knows who Negan killed, but he understandably wouldn’t give out any additional information.

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Since then, the 47-year-old has called Season 7 “worth the wait,” and even predicted the premiere could end humanity.

AMC may be cracking down on spoilers, but with this many actors in the know we’re crossing our fingers someone slips up eventually.

And for what it’s worth, we still think Negan killed Glenn. Sorry, pal!

The Walking Dead Season 7 will premiere in the fall on AMC.

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