Who Died in Revenge Season 2?
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Who Died in Revenge Season 2?

Season 2 of Revenge was filled with new characters, but the shoreside drama also saw the deaths of 11 Hamptonites, both good and bad.

We even said goodbye to two central characters this season. For a rundown of this season’s deaths, check the list below.

1) The White-Haired Man (Gordon Murphy)Though he was one of the Hamptons’ most formidable villains, Aiden Mathis took out the White-Haired Man with a single shot while Gordon was attacking Emily. Later we learned that he’d been shacking up with (and was married to) Emily’s mother, Kara Wallace Clarke!

2) Thomas — Despite already being married, this rich pedophile was dating Victoria Grayson's mother, Marion Harper. When he told Marion he wouldn't marry her, the ladder climber went into a frenzy and shot him. She then made Victoria take the gun and shoot him again, thus framing herself for his murder.

3) Dmitri Valdof — This Russian creep was notorious for trafficking women, and abducted Aiden Mathis's sister, Colleen. Aiden caught up with the pimp and killed him after Dmitri chose to insult his sister's memory.

4) Joe Ryan — The Ryan boys had been after the Porters all season and now we know why. Kenny and Nate's father, Joe, was murdered by Matt Duncan. But all of this happened thanks to Carl Porter Sr.'s gun. Kenny and Ryan think Carl's to blame, which means Jack and Declan will have to pay.

5) Helen Crowley — The Initiative's main spokeswoman took a bullet to the chest after threatening Victoria Grayson’s family.

Who Died in Revenge Season 2?
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6) Nate Ryan — After attempting to attack Jack Porter and Amanda Clarke, Emily Thorne came to the rescue. The ex-con fought Ems, but Amanda shot him in the back. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to kill him and his lighter blew up The Amanda. The blast eventually killed Fauxmanda as well.

7) Amanda Clarke — After a season and a half of being hated by Revenge audiences, Amanda Clarke made the ultimate sacrifice when she put herself in harms way to save Emily and Jack. Her death had a lasting impact on Ems, who vowed to get her revenge in Mandy's name.

8) Padma Lahari — Nolan Ross's lady love was murdered by The Initiative after she handed over the Carrion program. Nolan spent six weeks trying to find her, only to have a breakdown when Aiden found her dead.

9) Trask — This Initiative representative bit the dust after Padma's body was discovered by Aiden Mathis. The Revenger flew into a rage and snapped Trask's neck. Yikes!

10) Satoshi Takeda Emily's Japanese sensei took a sword to the gut courtesy of one Aiden Mathis. We later learned that Takeda's fiancée was on Flight 197 and that he was using Emily and Aiden for his own agenda.

11) Declan Porter In the emotional Season 2 finale, Declan was injured inside Grayson Global when a bomb went off. He made it to the hospital, but only had a few moments with loved ones before he was rushed into heart surgery. He didn't make it out alive.

12) Aiden Mathis? Mr. Mathis’s outcome is still undetermined. When we ended Season 2, Aiden had just had a major fight with Daniel Grayson, which ended with Danny lying on the ground right next to Emily Thorne’s gun. Next we see Daniel attending Conrad’s victory speech with blood on his sleeve. Could the poetry-loving preppy really have killed off this British babe?

Which death was the most painful for you, Revengers? Tell us below!

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