Who Dies in The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale? Spoilers!
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Who Dies in The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale? Spoilers!

*Warning: The Walking Dead Season 5 finale spoilers ahead*

The Walking Dead fans have been warned that sad losses are coming in Sunday's Season 5 finale, although no one mentioned that some of our tears may be due to the people who don’t die. (Lookin’ at you, Nicholas and Father Gabriel.) The Spoiling Dead Fans just shared a full summary of Episode 16, “Conquer,” from their source. Assuming it’s true, as all the other spoilers have been, Morgan Jones is about to prove he is the true king of King County by taking out some members of The Wolves and saving Daryl Dixon and Aaron; Glenn will show he is heroic to a fault by once again sparing Nicholas; the point of Father G’s existence will continue to be unclear; and a few people will die.

Who dies?

  • According to the rundown, Morgan takes out two members of The Wolves right at the start of the episode. This BAMF cannot stop his awesome! However, he just knocks them out and ties them up, he doesn't kill them. Morgan said every life is precious (Glenn feels the same way) but it looks like those two Wolves may have gotten free and will cause trouble at Alexandria in Season 6.

  • A guy in a red poncho is killed by The Wolves in the same way they wanted to kill Daryl and Aaron before Morgan saved them.

  • Apparently a random stranger is killed by walkers while Father G is out and about.

  • In a remix of the Pete/Rick/Regina scene of the comic, Pete tries to kill Rick, shouting “You’re not one of us!” and ends up slitting the throat of Deanna’s husband Reg, killing him. Deanna is hysterical, and tells Rick to kill Pete. So Rick kills Pete. RIP Reg, and bye-bye Pete.

In other news, Glenn is shot by the coward Nicholas, but does not die. (Maybe Nicholas will be inspired by Glenn’s mercy and develop into a decent person in Season 6. Please?) Gabriel almost lets himself die, but instead leaves the Alexandria gate open and puts others in danger, then says he probably should die, and at this point it’s hard to argue with him. The Wolves now know about the Safe-Zone, so expect to deal with them at the gate in Season 6. (Little pig, little pig, let me in.)

No idea who was not who we thought they were, per Norman Reedus’ tease, and as much as we kinda liked Reg, we’re not about to cry for him. But it is good to see our group survive and we’re dying to see Morgan integrate into the world of Alexandria in Season 6. That guy has been on his own for a long time now, and he made it all the way from Atlanta to Alexandria on his own. If it’s been this hard for Rick and company to get used to the ASZ, what will it be like for Morgan?


Source: The Spoiling Dead Fans

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