Who Dies in The Walking Dead Season 5? Glenn? Bob? Eugene? Trailer Speculation
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The Walking Dead

Who Dies in The Walking Dead Season 5? Glenn? Bob? Eugene? Trailer Speculation

The Walking Dead spoilers and speculation ahead!

Just look at that still photo. It’s from the 2:21 mark of The Walking Dead Season 5’s new Comic-Con trailer. It certainly puts Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) in a bad place, but … if he was really going to die, would they tease it in a trailer?

By now you’ve probably heard the Glenn death rumors, since even Steven Yeun was asked about them (and had to play coy, of course). It’s much more likely that Glenn survives, not only because they never give away deaths like this in trailers, but because he was seen in the church setting later in the video, and this Glenn-slice-shot looks like an early Terminus clip. (Plus, Steven was later seen filming as Glenn after the Glenn death rumors came out.)

Who else looks like they're in trouble in the trailer? Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) does make a point of telling Carl (Chandler Riggs) he's not safe... Should we read into that?

The whole group seems to be lined up on the ground at Terminus, and also outside walking as a group in the woods, but in the church scenes, there's no sign of Bob Stookey (Larry Gilliard Jr.). (Unless we're just missing him? Is that him to Rick’s left at 1:05? If he’s not there, maybe he’s a hostage.) At 2:15, you can also see a soggy walker hand grab Bob. But then again, would they show that if it meant he would really be killed?

Bob seems to get his fight on during a walker battle, and it looks like Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) is on top of a fire truck blazing water at the walkers. Maybe that's a hint to what Lauren Cohan (Maggie) said a while back about characters who didn't even know they were badass getting to be badass on the way out of Terminus. Put that brain to use, Mullet Man!

What about Eugene, though, as a possible death? The trailer hints to Gareth (Andrew J. West) being interested in this Washington, D.C., cure, but comic book spoilers tell us there is no cure because Eugene was making it up. If they stick with that story, maybe Eugene sacrifices himself in some way, as penance? At one point, you can see Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) fall to the ground and cry. Maybe Rosita (Christian Serratos) dies? Or is that a reaction to the Eugene cure non-news?

(The whole situation with Beth Greene is a separate story. Who knows what’s going on with her?)

Do you think any deaths are hinted to in the trailer, which probably shows footage from at least the first four or five episodes? It's possible no one dies early in the season, but it would be naive to think a show like The Walking Dead would keep everyone alive. We just hope Rick and baby Judith get to stay together. Don't break up the family!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres Sunday, October 12 on AMC.