Who Does Juan Pablo Galavis Pick? Huge Bachelor 2014 Spoiler!
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Who Does Juan Pablo Galavis Pick? Huge Bachelor 2014 Spoiler!

THE TIME HAS COME! It's here, you guys! Juan Pablo Galavis's Season 18 Bachelor Finale is tonight, and we couldn't be happier! And while we've been tuning in to the boobtube to watch Juan Pabs since January 5, we're all but ready to get to the meat of this thing. Everyone's been asking who the 32-year-old single dad from Venezuela will pick, and we've got your answer right here!

Reality Steve revealed back in November who Juan Pablo picks on tonight's finale, and there's no going back. Think you know? If the epic Episode 7 1-on-1 in Miami and Hometown Dates success didn't prove it for you, perhaps the Season 18 Overnight Dates solidified what spoiler lovers have known all along: how this thing was going to end. Right?

Well, here it is: Juan Pablo Galavis picks Nikki Ferrell!

Who Does Juan Pablo Galavis Pick? Huge Bachelor 2014 Spoiler!
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group © 2013 Disney    

After Renee Oteri was eliminated on Hometown Dates, Andi Dorfman walked out on Juan Pablo in St. Lucia. Like, literally walked out on him after telling him what an imbecile he's been (except in smaller words, because obviously).

That left Clare Crawley, and Nikki Ferrell for final dates with Juan Pablo in Saint Lucia. To refresh your memory (how could you forget? For shame!), Clare is a 32-year-old hairstylist from Sacramento, California whose sisters are just not that into Juan Pablo. Nikki is a 26-year-old pediatric nurse and model from Kansas City, whose parents were all set to change their last names to Galavis, too, upon meeting him.

There's no love lost between haterade drinking Nikki and Clare, and after this dramatic final showdown, we're sure they'll never be pals.

Are you surprised Nikki won in the end? We don't know why you would be, since he already introduced her to his daughter, his parents, and his ex before they were all that close to the finale. Considering how long that took for Jason Mesnick and Emily Maynard, the other single parents, and their winners... well, it was definitely a sign!

On her Hometown, Nikki's parents seemed cool with the idea that she would just get married the second the show was over. But before you think about what you'll wear to their wedding, we recommend returning that present you were already wrapping up for the gorgeous twosome, as it's unlikely — at least, for now. Spoiler guru Steve claims that though JPG and Nikki look lovely together and everything, they are not engaged because he did not propose on the finale!

On both Episode 3 and Episode 4, Nikki snagged the GDR — that would be the Group Date Rose, for those of you not in the know. And it only heated up from there, with a descent into Hell (a cave in Vietnam) in Episode 5, and the epic 1-on-1 in Miami. Clearly, he likes her, but what kept him from proposing? Did he not think she was ready for marriage or to be a step-mom? Did she give him some hints that he should keep the ring tucked firmly in his pocket? We're hoping it ends as dramatically as we imagine...

Which of these twists is most shocking to you? Do you believe this is how the season ends? Share your thoughts, friends!

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