Who Doesn’t Get a Date With Desiree Hartsock? — June 3, 2013
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The Bachelorette

Who Doesn’t Get a Date With Desiree Hartsock? — June 3, 2013

Ever been the last kid picked for a team at recess? Take that “I suck” feeling and multiply it by 5 million (audience members) and you’ll understand how Brad McKinzie, Chris Siegfried, and Robert "Bobby" Graham feel during this week’s The Bachelorette.

Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock clearly has her favorites, picking obvious crush Brooks Forester and First Impression Rose-winner Bryden Vukasin for her two 1-1s. On their dates, Brooks plays dress up (as a groom!) and Bryden hot tubs (i.e. gets a hickey). Meanwhile, back at Bachelor Mansion … actually nothing exciting to report here.

Things get even gloomier when Des heads out on her group date taking 14 (14!) of the men along with her to meet none other than rapper Soulja Boy. We can just imagine Brad, Chris, and Bobby moping around the mansion, looking longingly out the window, perhaps rifling through their fellow contestants’ luggage, wondering when oh when their time will come.

Well, it won’t ever come for Bobby, who goes flowerless during the night’s Rose Ceremony, according to Reality Steve. Rejection has to burn just a little bit more for this hotshot ad exec who’s used to winning. Will things turn around for the other two dateless wonders? Only time and Des can tell.

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Source: Reality Steve