X Factor 2013: Who Should Be Eliminated From the Top 4?
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The X Factor

X Factor 2013: Who Should Be Eliminated From the Top 4?

Update (December 12, 2013):

He lives to fight another day! Carlito made it through yet again, with seeming frontrunners Restless Road being sent home in a surprising elimination.

Original story (December 11, 2013):

We hate to say it (and say it again, too) but Carlito Olivero looks to be in danger this week over on The X Factor.

Carlito barely made it into the Top 4, earning his spot in the semifinals only after vocally duking it out with Rion Paige. When the final decision came down to judge Simon Cowell, Mr. Nasty cast his vote in Carlito’s favor, briefly explaining that it might be the 24-year-old’s last best chance to break into the world of entertainment.

Unfortunately, however, the slight signs of improvement Carlito showed during his “Save Me Song” performance of December 5 didn’t find their way into the December 4 Live Show as much as we would have liked.

His rendition of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” started him off strong, channeling some of the ease and sexiness of December 5’s “You Make Me Wanna” by Usher. But sadly the same wasn’t true for his other performances of the night.

Going against Alex & Sierra was simply a bad draw and although Carlito did a good job, both boys were drowned out by the powerhouse performance of one Sierra Deaton. Then, for his final act of the night, Carlito sang Marc Anthony’s “I Need to Know” and yes, it was sexy but then Carlito’s closest competition, Restless Road, came back strong with the very next song.

It’s not that Carlito isn’t a good performer; there’s just too much talent vying for a win right now on X Factor. Alongside heavyweights like Alex & Sierra, Jeff Gutt, and Restless Road, Carlito’s minor stumbles seem major and could make the difference between whether he stays or goes.

In Carlito’s defense, however, we were wrong about his packing up and heading home last week and in a reality show as unpredictable as X Factor a major upset could happen again.

Who do you think will make the Top 3 and, even more pressing, who should win this year?

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