X Factor 2013: Who Should Be Eliminated From the Top 6?
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The X Factor

X Factor 2013: Who Should Be Eliminated From the Top 6?

Update (December 5, 2014):

Luckily for Carlito, we got it wrong this week. He's in the Top 4 after winning the "Save Me" round against Rion Paige. The 13-year-old cutie joined Ellona Santiago as the two contestants sent home during the December 5 elimination.

Original story (December 4, 2013):

We hate to say it but it’s pretty obvious who should be eliminated from The X Factor this week. Don’t get us wrong. Everyone is incredible in the Season 3’s final six contestants but one person in particular didn’t measure up during December 4’s Live Show. Carlito Olivero, we love you like the musical brother we never had, but your time on X Factor may be done.

Carlito’s been in the bottom several weeks in a row with the judges critiquing his seeming discomfort on stage. The 24-year-old looked to have found his groove again during the Thanksgiving week shows with his performance of Ricky Martin’s “The Cup of Life” during Big Band week, but he faltered again tonight.

His first number, Jennifer Lopez’s “Let’s Get Loud,” didn’t wow the judges. “It fell flat a little bit,” Kelly Rowland said. “I feel like when I’m watching you sing, I feel like you’re pushing yourself to sing.” Demi Lovato was equally unimpressed while Simon Cowell and Carlito’s mentor, Paulina Rubio, tried to stay positive.

X Factor 2013: Who Should Be Eliminated From the Top 6?
Credit: Michael Becker/©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

But where “Let’s Get Loud” may have been off since Carlito only got the song 24 hours before the Live Show, there was no such explanation for his second number. Sure, it was, as Kelly noted, the strongest performance he’s had all season but after the all-star talent of the evening, “Stand By Me” could easily get lost in the shuffle.

If Carlito does end up getting cut during tomorrow night’s double elimination, we have a good feeling he’ll be able to bounce back. He looks to already have quite the following in Los Angeles what with his official website, complete with steamy music videos.

As for who might be joining Carlito for the long walk off The X Factor stage on December 5, that’s a little more up in the air. Rion Paige, darling as she is, had a weak first performance of Carrie Underwood’s “See You Again” and voters might be harsh when it comes to Ellona Santiago taking on some of the music industry’s biggest divas: Lady Gaga and Beyoncé.

What do you think? Is this where Carlito’s X Factor journey ends or do you think another performer is heading home? And what about that second elimination?

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